Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex Flow Meter

适用介质gas, liquid, steam


Vortex flow meters is the basic meter for volume flow application, usually used to measure flows of liquid, gas and steam It is available in flange connection and wafer-type, and insertion type for large pipe size.
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  • (non-)conductive liquids, gases, saturated and superheated steam

  • Gross/net heat metering of steam and hot water

  • Monitoring of compressor output and evaluation of Free Air Delivery (FAD)

  •  Industrial gases (natural gas, nitrogen etc.)

  •  Compressed air systems

  • Thermal oils,Desalinated water etc.

Breif introduction

LUGB vortex flow meters are widely used in the measurement and control of superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air and general gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, gas, etc.), water and liquids (such as water, gasoline, alcohol, benzene, etc.) in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, heat, textile, paper and other industries.



1. Simple structure,  no moving parts, high reliability

2. High accuracy 1.0%, 1.5%

3. Wide measuring range, up to 1:10 ratio

4. Resist high temperature up to 350℃,normal temperature up to 250℃

5. Integral forging, anti-rust, long service life

6,Less pressure loss, lower operating costs, more energy-saving significance.

Technical parameters


Vortex flow meter parameters


Gas, air, oxygen, nitrogen, gas, natural gas, chemical gas, etc.

Liquid, water, high temperature water, oil, food liquid, chemical liquid, etc.

Steam, saturated steam, superheated steam, etc.

Nominal diameter


Flange/ wafer type: 15,20,25,40,50,65,80,100,125,150,200,250,300

Insertion type: 300~1000

Nominal press


DN15-DN200 4.0(>4.0 supply agreement)

DN250-DN300 1.6(>1.6 supply agreement)

Medium temperature


Standard type:-40~250

High temperature type: ,-40~350 

Body material

Carbon steel, SS304, SS316


Flange/ wafer: ±1%R(for liquid)

Flange/ wafer: ±1.5%R(for gas)

Insertion type: ±2.5%R


Sensor/ transmitter: 24V DC

Battery-powered:3.6V battery

Output single

 Pulse,  4 ~ 20mA

Explosion-proof marks

 Intrinsic safety type:ExdⅡia CT2-T5 , Flameproof type:ExdⅡCT2-T5      

Protection grade


Environmental conditions

Temperature: -20℃~55℃,Relative humidity: 5%~90%,Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPa